IndianDance - Natyam
 A classical dance from India ---by Saaradaa

-Fashion Show
Students from all over the world wearing traditional Himalayan outfits and enjoying the charm
 of  the Himalayan culture
- Nepali Group song ( Chari Maryo Sisaiko Golile)
A love song from the popular Nepalese group Nepathya.

- Pakistani Song (Ab Jiya Na Jaye)
A very popular Pakistani Song -by Abrar

- Nepali Group Dance( Nachideyu Maichang timi Damfu ko taalaima )
A folk dance very popular in the rural part of Nepal. The dancers are from Ethiopia,
Malaysia, Venezuela, Senegal , India and Nepal.
- Dinner Break 

- Hindi song ( Papa Kehete Hai)
A very popular Hindi film song ----- by Swarnim, Abrar,Sushil & Su Lin

- Short Speech by Pradeep Paudyal , President of the Himalayan Club.

- Nepali Group Song ( Lekali He He)
Again, a folk song very popular in rural part of Nepal.

- Bhangada (Indian Dance)
A folk dance from Punjab, India. This type of dance is gaining rapid popularity In India nowadays.

- Nepali Song ( Lalupate Fulyo Banaima)
A modern love song from Nepal by Sushil, Sulin ,and Pradeep.

- Nepali Dance (duet)
A duet dance by Tashi and Sworupa. It is very popular in Northen part of Nepal.

MC's - Ashok Regmi and Priya Katragada
DJ - Alex and Krishna
Musicians: Sushil Gurung( Guitar ),  Abrar ( Guitar ), Su Lin ( piano  ), Rajendra
       Gurung( madal ) , Chen Zhao Rong( flute )
Fashion Show Organizers: Priya & Ashok

Organized by
The Himalayan Club

For more info: contact Pradeep at 203 576 2166